Our parent company ‘The Staff Travel Corporation’ was the brainchild of Shona Pittaway an international travel expert. After a number of years working in the travel industry in the UK Shona took a sabbatical around the world and concluded her journey by travelling the length of Africa before putting down roots in Cape Town in 2009.
As a born entrepreneur, Shona identified that South Africa ‘s travel employees did not have access to industry perks something that she had greatly benefited from when working in the UK and so ‘The Staff Travel Corporation’ was born.

As you can imagine Travel Agents and Operators, Airline and Hotel employees welcomed these specially negotiated rates with open arms and within a few short months the business was expanding into a larger office space. This brand today is pepXpress Africa and focuses heavily on encouraging travel agents to gain first hand experience for the destinations they sell.

Having developed fabulous relationships with travel providers around the world, Shona was encouraged to spread her business wings further and launch another travel industry great ‘Perfect Destinations’. With a knack for driving a hard bargain, Shona negotiates industry best rates that enable all Perfect Destinations customers to get the best wholesale pricing available.

Shona was later joined by Zephnie Viljoen who in 2014 became a partner in the business. As partners, Zephnie and Shona have very different strengths and experiences, this combined with their joint vision and passion for what they do, makes their partnership one of their strongest assets and the business has risen from strength to strength.

Below is a copy of Perfect Destinations’ mission statement and the values that drive us. We think these speak for themselves:


Our mission is to provide people with memories that last a lifetime, memories that inspire and memories that give joy. We do this by providing great service, service that recognizes a customer’s desires, their motivations and dreams, their wants and their needs. Service that always puts the customer first and service that doesn’t stop. Ever. We are in the business of making dreams come true and we love every second of it.


We can’t imagine doing anything else other than making travel dreams a reality and this is because we are passionate and enthusiastic about travel, people and customer service excellence. It is evident in everything that we say and do.

The saying ‘mighty oaks from little acorns grow’ drives us. We are continually learning and innovating, looking for opportunities to improve our business and service in order that our customers experience is always the best in the industry.

We are bold, daring and intrepid, fearless, undaunted and unafraid. We lead by example in our industry, giving customers what they deserve and offering an amazing service that ensures the most memorable experience.

We treat our customers, our colleagues, our business partners and ourselves with respect, honour and consideration at all times, as this is what makes us dependable, reliable and trusted.